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Auburn football: Tigers' APR score ranks 9th in SEC

The latest APR numbers are in, and Auburn ranks in the lower-middle of the SEC pack.

Kevin C. Cox

The NCAA released this year's APR numbers on Tuesday, detailing how every program in the country is performing in the classroom. ESPN's Brett McMurphy broke down the football numbers by conference, and Auburn is in the middle of the SEC pack (albeit, the lower part of the middle).

Here's how the SEC numbers shake out.

School APR
1. Missouri 982
2. Alabama 978
3. Vanderbilt 973
t-4. Florida 968
t-4. Georgia 968
6. Mississippi State 967
7. South Carolina 966
8. Texas A&M 954
9. Auburn 950
t-10. LSU 944
t-10. Ole Miss 944
12. Kentucky 943
13. Arkansas 938
14. Tennessee 924

Like everything else related to sports in the last year, Auburn isn't exactly excelling. But hey, maybe the Tigers' score is admirable. As George Costanza would say, it's right in that meaty part of the curve -- not showing off, not falling behind.

Hopefully, the less-than-stellar scores won't lead to a life of crime for any Tigers. The Van Buren Boys are rough.