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NCAA Football 14: Auburn's top-rated player is punter Steven Clark

Of course.

Todd Van Emst photo

Some brilliant gent at Operation Sports posted a video showing the top-10 players for each FBS team, per NCAA Football 14. Auburn's most-talented player is --*drumroll* -- punter Steven Clark.

Welp, coming off a 3-9 season, that pretty much makes sense.

Actually, it isn't Parkey that leads the pack, it's P #30, which of course is a made-up video game character that has no resemblance to any real-life player that would deserve royalties for being featured in a video game. No sir, any similarities to an actual football-playing human is purely coincidental.

But if that character were compared to an actual Auburn player, it would best be compared to Clark, who happens to be a punter wearing No. 30. Weird. Clark checks in with a 94 rating.

Here's the rest of Auburn's top-10 players in the newest version of EA Sports' college football franchise:

CB #11 (Chris Davis), 91 overall rating

C #50 (Reese Dismukes), 90

HB #21 (Tre Mason), 90

RE #95 (Dee Ford), 89

CB #6 (Jonathon Mincy), 88

DT #90 (Gabe Wright), 87

K #36 (Cody Parkey), 87

CB #19 (Ryan White), 86

DT #98 (Angelo Blackson), 86

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