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Listen to the inaugural episode of The College and Mag Show on War Eagle Sports Radio!

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It's like this blog, only in Internet radio form.

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The first episode of The College and Mag Show on War Eagle Sports Radio is live. Aubielicious and I discuss Auburn's 31-24 win over Washington State, what we think of the Tigers after Week 1 and what we think of Gus Malzahn's post-victory dining options. Click here and give it a listen.

(Also, we're new at this radio thing, so cut us some slack.)

What is War Eagle Sports Radio? Well, it's a brand new Auburn-centric station on the VSporto Network. Several Auburn shows will be streaming 24 hours per day, and you can either listen online at the station's official website or on its iOS app. Stream it live or listen on demand.

To catch all the latest info and hot takes, follow War Eagle Sports Radio on Twitter and Facebook. Oh yeah, and if you're on iOS, download the app from iTunes. It'll be available on Android soon.

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