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War Eagle Sports Radio: The College and Mag Show, Episode 2

It's the second installment of our venture into the world of Internet radio.

Michael Chang

The second episode of The College and Mag Show is up on War Eagle Sports Radio, and on-demand listening is available right here. If you have the War Eagle Sports Radio iOS app -- and if you have an iOS device, you better -- it's available on that platform, as well.

This week, Aubielicious and I take on several topics, including what we liked and didn't like about the Arkansas State game, terrible Auburn fans booing Jake Holland before kickoff, our impressions from the SEC action over the weekend, and how we view Mississippi State as a rival. We took a few minutes to trash Dan Mullen, so you know you'll want to listen for that. Oh yeah, there's a bit of an echo, but we're still getting our sea legs here. Cut us some slack.

War Eagle Sports Radio is a part of the VSporto network. For more information and updates from the station, follow the official Twitter account and visit the website. For listeners not on iOS, and Android app should be available soon.

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