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NFL Draft 2014: Greg Robinson Q-and-A with SB Nation's Turf Show Times

Our own WarRoomEagle gives Rams fans the skinny on their new offensive lineman.


The St. Louis Rams taking former Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson with the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, so fans in the Gateway City no doubt have questions about their new franchise O-lineman. The folks at Turf Show Times, SB Nation's St. Louis Rams blog, reached out, and our WarRoom Eagle gave all the necessary info on Robinson.

A sample from the back-and-forth between WarRoom and TST's 3k:

Sometimes the media likes to characterize Auburn's offense as a spread offense and that might make NFL fans think of players that are quick and flashy but not built for the toughness of the pro game. In actuality, Gus Malzahn characterizes his teams as "hard nosed" and their playing style shows it. In 2013, the offense was built on a two-back, zone read running game similar to that of the San Francisco 49ers. It may not be the smashmouth offense of Alabama or LSU, but every player on the field is expected to do some dirty work while waiting for the ball to come their way.

The defense has been underwhelming at Auburn for a few years now, but it has become quite versatile out of necessity. Due to injuries and lack of depth, many defensive backs have moved from corner to safety and back. Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson installed a 4-2-5 defense in 2013 with a hybrid safety/linebacker position. Finally, during spring training, some defensive tackles were moved outside to defensive end to alleviate some depth issues and give the line a new look against smashmouth teams.

For an off-the-field characterization, one word is always brought up by recruits, players, ex-players and even recruits... Family. It reminds me of Tre Mason telling the beat writers he was going to bake a cake for his linemenbecause of the success he was having. Dee Ford has already spoken about having the same feeling of family in Kansas City. Auburn players are great teammates and they trust in each other. Upperclassmen lead by example and when they graduate, the new upperclassman step up. Of course families have rough times to get through and the team didn't seem get along well in 2012, but when Malzahn arrived, he told the players that the coaches would not be watching tape from that season and that everyone had to earn their place on the team anew. Letting the players get a fresh start so quickly really won them over.

For the full Q-and-A on Robinson, click here.