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College Football Top 25 After Week 3

After a day of upsets, there were some pretty big moves in the Top 25s

tHBC just doing HBC things. Beating UGA.
tHBC just doing HBC things. Beating UGA.
Streeter Lecka

The Polls:

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (37) Florida State (50) Oregon
2 Oregon (17) Alabama (1) Alabama
3 Alabama (1) Oregon (6) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma (4) Texas A&M
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Texas A&M (3) Baylor Georgia
7 Baylor Texas A&M Florida State
8 LSU LSU Michigan State
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame LSU
10 Ole Miss UCLA Wisconsin
11 Michigan State Michigan State Baylor
12 UCLA Ole Miss Notre Dame
13 Georgia Arizona State UCLA
14 South Carolina Georgia Kansas State
15 Arizona State Stanford Ole Miss
16 Stanford South Carolina South Carolina
17 USC Wisconsin Clemson
18 Missouri Ohio State Ohio State
19 Wisconsin Missouri USC
20 Kansas State Kansas State Stanford
21 BYU USC Florida
22 Clemson Nebraska Cincinnati
23 Ohio State BYU Oklahoma State
24 Nebraska Clemson Missouri
25 Oklahoma State North Carolina BYU

Auburn: For all of the losses in the Top 25 this week, there were none above Auburn, and Auburn was off for the weekend. So, Auburn remains sitting at #5 in both polls.

The Rest of the SEC: Alabama remains #2 in the Coaches Poll, and #3 behind Oregon in the AP Poll, as with last week. Georgia drops a bit after their loss to South Carolina to #14 in the Coaches Poll, and #13 in the AP. Meanwhile, pollsters are thinking Texas A&M may be better than they were already ranked for their beat-down of the same South Carolina team at Williams-Brice that defeated Georgia, yesterday. They move up a spot to #7 in the Coaches, and #6 behind Auburn in the AP Poll. Transitive victories, FTW! USCe is the biggest gainer in the Coaches Poll, jumping up to 16th. In the AP Poll, they moved up to #14. One spot behind #13 UGA. You can't make this crap up.

After three weeks the picture is a bit clearer, but let's still not forget that we really don't know how good any of these teams are, yet. I'll give it until two or three games into conference play before I'm ready to offer anything close to a semi-educated opinion. After three games last season, Auburn still looked like a team that would struggle to 8 wins at best. Texas A&M may look great for beating USCe, who beat Georgia, but just how good was Georgia, really? Our own Bobby Barkley said it best:

LSU moves up a bit since USCw was embarrassed by Boston College, last night. They jumped to #8 in both polls. Ole Miss is up a few spots to #12 in the Coaches Poll, and enters the top 10 at #10 in the AP. Rounding out the SEC, Missouri moves up to #19 in the Coaches, #18 in the AP.

Auburn's Schedule: According to the current polls, Auburn faces 5 teams in the Coaches Top 15, with two more in the Top 20. The AP Poll is similar, with four opponents in the AP Top 10, two more in the Top 15, and Kansas State rounding it out at #20. The odds of Auburn navigating this schedule unscathed are slim. It's possible, but it's going to take great performances week in and week out starting Thursday night against #20 Kansas State and running through the end of the year. Run this table and there's no doubt Auburn is in the playoff, and probably with a #1 or #2 seed.