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Wednesdays with (Oscar) Whiskey: S03E05 - "Sometimes the Forest Needs a Fire"

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I am not really sure if I can be anymore straight forward about this, but I really do not believe that this Tigers team or Gus and Co. are as bad off as what some might believe. I have seen a few folks out there saying that this year is going to turn into another 2012 season, but I do not think that is the case.  To me, this season is a more akin to the 2011 season. That Auburn team four years ago lost a lot of key players and the guys stepping into take their place were either a) not ready or b) not up to the task.  At the end of the season, Gene and Gus went their separate ways.  Chizik decided to take what he had and rebuild the team anew.  His decision to do so ended up costing him his job.  Malzahn, however, doesn't have to face the situation of rebuilding his team, but he does need to take a real hard evaluation at who he has on his team, both players and coaches.  I'm not saying that Auburn is going to win 10 games straight after a week and a half off, but it is not outside the possibility that he can really learn who this team is and maybe, just maybe, pull off some great wins by the end of the year.  First, however, he needs to let the fire burn to clear out the brush and the weeds.  Then, we can start making our way through the forest.

Well, that's going to do it for me! Be sure to tune in next week! Same Whiskey time! Same Whiskey channel! College and Magnolia dot com!