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Four Star Wide Receiver Eli Stove Signs With Auburn

Student Sports

Eli Stove has been an Auburn commitment since last May's Big Cat Weekend. He joined Auburn's class shortly after Nate Craig-Myers originally de-committed from Auburn. Though there was some concern that the Gators may be able to sway him a few weeks back, he stuck firm to the Tigers throughout the recruiting cycle. Now he's officially an Auburn Tiger.

I was pretty high on Stove back in May and I remain high on him. Of course, what else do you expect me to say? He has the ability to fill the same role Ricardo Louis did for Auburn as the sweep/screen receiver. Hudl lists his 40 yard time at 4.40 which isn't blazing, but it's still quick. You can check out highlights of his senior season here. Below is a composite highlight from his junior year.

There's definitely a lot to like in that video. Will he see the field in 2016? It's hard to tell right now. Auburn signed three wide receivers last year, and all but one played in 2015. The other, Darius Slayton, is a real burner. This is a stacked wide-receiver class for Auburn and I can see them sitting one or two from the 2016 class. It will depend on what they do on the practice field this fall. Regardless, I can't wait to see what he's able to do for the Tigers.

Welcome to the fold, Eli!