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Four Star Offensive Tackle Prince Sammons Signs With Auburn

Auburn adds a second Nigerian Prince to the squad.

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Most teams around the country recruited Prince Sammons as a defensive end. Auburn offensive line coach Herb Hand liked him as an offensive tackle at Penn State and recruited him to that position at Auburn. Sammons is a Nigerian native, and he'll join yet another Nigerian Prince at Auburn, Prince Tega Wanogho Jr.

Sammons is a big young man at 6'8, 280 lbs. He'll need to add 15-20 pounds to be an effective tackle in the SEC, but you have to love someone with that size protecting your quarterback. This is a huge get and I'm stoked that the Tigers were able to snag him this late in the process.

His film has a lot of highlights of him as a defensive end, since that's where most people were recruiting him.

Sammons is headed for a redshirt, most likely. That's typical of most all offensive linemen, though. Still, getting another tackle into this class was a big goal going into Signing Day, and Sammons certainly fills that need. It helps that it's someone Auburn got in late with whom their new OL coach likes.

War Eagle!