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Auburn Football 2016 NFL Free Agent Signings

The draft is over. Only three Tigers were taken. Where did the rest end up?

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As with last season, this is going to be a short examination of which players signed free agent deals, where they signed them, and then a short examination of who may have chances to make their respective teams. This list and the article will be updated as more signings are announced.

Also like last year, the opinion on their chances to make the team is not meant as an examination of my thoughts on that player and their abilities. Rather, it's a look at who that team drafted, who they have returning, who they signed in free agency, etc. Essentially, it's comparing that player to the roster.

The Players

Peyton Barber - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Davonte Danzey - Currently Unsigned

Kris Frost - Currently Unsigned

Justin Garrett - Currently Unsigned

Keymiya Harrell - Currently Unsigned

Jonathan Jones - New England Patriots

Davonte Lambert - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cassanova McKinzy - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Melvin Ray - Currently Unsigned

D'haquille Williams - Currently Unsigned

Avery Young - New Orleans Saints

Roster Chances

Only 53 players make the active roster for professional football teams. That's not many. When you consider that each team drafts 5-6 (or more) players each year, then it's even harder for the undrafted guys to make it on to a roster. Here's where those players are now.

A Good Chance

Peyton Barber - Tampa Bay did not draft a running back this year, so that already bodes well. Out of the four running backs on their roster, the only name I recognize is Doug Martin. He had a pretty good year, to say the least, for an NFL running back last season, with over 1500 yards rushing. The second string back had over 100 carries and 500 yards. After that, the most rushing yards was by their QB, Jameis Winston. So there's definitely an opportunity for Barber to come in and earn a roster spot and even a good bit of playing time.

Avery Young - I'm going strictly on the fact that he had a high draft grade, the Saints don't look to have signed any offensive linemen this year, and they only have two Guards on the roster. They have four Tackles, two Guards, one Center/Guard, and one Center. Avery projected as more of a Guard in the NFL (where he played much of last season), and with the number of linemen on the New Orleans team, this looks like he'll have a great chance to compete for and earn a spot on the team.

A Chance

Cassanova McKinzy - The Bucs have a few linebackers on their roster, so that doesn't bode well. However, Cass has a lot of ability and talent and will to work hard. As long as he's healthy, I can see him with a good shot at making the roster, here. They did draft one linebacker in this class, and have one much older veteran, so there are chances to make a statement. I can't wonder how much staying in a region where there are a lot of Chick-fil-A locations played into Cass' decision?

I Believe In Work, Hard Work

Davonte Lambert - The Bucs only list four defensive tackles on their roster from last season, and they didn't draft anyone this season. That's a good sign. However, it looks like they have a ton of players listed at defensive end, which (because I'm lazy and don't want to look it up to confirm) probably means they run a 3-4. So, spots on the defensive interior may be at a premium.