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Iron Bowl 2012

Iron Bowl open thread

Whatever happens, War Eagle.

Keep your enemies closer: Alabama

It's Iron Bowl week, and we're discussing Auburn-Alabama with our most hated blogger rivals.

A very British Iron Bowl

Even across the pond, the Iron Bowl tension in the state of Alabama can be felt.

Remembering the rivalry: Iron Bowl

This Thanksgiving marks the 15th anniversary of when Ed Scissum fumbled, Jaret Holmes converted and Auburn found a way to win the '97 Iron Bowl.


In this piece, I will examine why Alabama fans talk about Auburn fans talking about Alabama fans talking about Auburn fans talking about Alabama.

First look: Alabama Crimson Tide

You know 'em; you hate 'em.

Undercover Barner: The no-win game

In this week’s UCB, I do my best to avoid taking cheap shots at Alabama fans while still making the point that they are impossible to argue with. Also, I’m fully aware of the proper use of "you’re." Read on.

Alabama 49, Auburn 0: Animated drive chart

For the masochists out there.