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Iron Bowl 2013

Three Bone-Chilling Questions For Auburn Football

These questions creep me out and I don’t want to think about them, but I’m doing it for you.

Rod Bramblett Has A Book On His Biggest Calls

"The Voice of the Auburn Tigers" Rod Bramblett discusses his path to becoming Auburn Athletic's primary play-by-play man and the unbelievable games and calls he's been a part of since then.

Verne/Gary Are Done After 2016. Some AU Highlights

Verne is leaving SEC on CBS after this season. So let's look at some Auburn highlights from that time.

High School Baseball Team Reenacts Kick Six

Want to see just how iconic that play was? A high school baseball team reenacts it almost 2 years later.

Featured Fanshot

CBS Old School Video Game / Tecmo Kick Six Promotional Video

Just when you think the Kick Six has been shown in all forms, this happens. But sure, Bama fans, last year's game erased this and it's all gone, now. Nope. You'll have to live with being reminded of this for pretty much the rest of your lives. Thanks to @All_Auburn on Twitter for capturing this.

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College Football Greatest Plays: Kick-Six vs Jim McMahon Hail Mary

Right now the Kick Six is losing, and that just will not stand, man. Go to the link above and vote for the Kick Six as one of College Football's Greatest Plays!

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"Miracles on the Plains" SEC Storied Program to Air

The new feature will highlight Auburn's wins over Georgia and Alabama in 2013. It will air on Tuesday, September 8th. Auburn's previous SEC Storied program feature former Tigers Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Frank Thomas.

Happy Kick Six Day!

The world gets an extra second. Let's take the time to celebrate that other special extra second.

Featured Fanshot

2013 Iron Bowl Kick Six in Spanish

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WarBlogle was the first to find this. It is still awesome in any language. And no, it never grows old, either. Any Spanish speakers out there who can translate?

Featured Fanshot

There Goes Llama! Llama chase set to Auburn Kick Six Call

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Kevin Ives (@AUPPL) has done it again. This is awesome.

To Kick, or Not To Kick? That Is The Question

EDSBS Commentariat member saxattack wrote this. I borrowed it because it's just too awesome not to share.

Featured Fanshot

"Can I Kick It?" Auburn Fan Trolls Alabama With Kick Six

You must watch that video. It is so good I went inside from my porch to grab my laptop to fanshot this. I'm typing on a MacBook Pro with a cigar hovering precariously over the keyboard because you HAVE to see this.

Featured Fanshot

Seattle Seahawks Use a Familiar Play

The Seattle Seahawks used a play tonight that should look very familiar to Auburn fans.

Wednesdays with (Oscar) Whiskey

In this edition, Oscar reminds us to stay focused, says thanks for a great season and asks whether or not to Barn hard.

Film study: Packaged plays vs. 'Bama

The winning touchdown was a play for the ages, but this Auburn victory was not a fluke. The Tigers were able to use pace and packaged plays to move the ball against the Alabama defense.

Loosing the Albatross

This week's Undercover Barner attempts to describe the indescribable. And fails. But she tried.

The College and Mag Show: Dec. 3, 2013

More Iron Bowl talk from your favorite Internet radio hosts.



Sorting through the Iron Bowl numbers

Sifting through the stats that led up to an amazing Auburn victory.

The College and Mag Show: POST-IRON BOWL EDITION

We attempted to discuss what took place at Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday night.

Iron Bowl highlights

Never stop watching these highlights.

Auburn 34, Alabama 28: Postgame quotes

How anyone spoke real words about this, we'll never know.





First glance: Alabama at Auburn

It's the biggest Iron Bowl in years.

Keep your enemies closer: Alabama

Holy Mother of God, the Iron Bowl is two days away.

Wednesdays with (Oscar) Whiskey

In this edition, Oscar discuses the upcoming Iron Bowl.

A beginner's guide to Barnin' hard

Reasons for optimism in the face of another Iron Bowl as an underdog.

Film study: The 'Bama D

Alabama has a suffocating base defense, but an "anti-spread" adjustment makes it versatile as well.

Undercover Barner: On Belief

This week's Undercover Barner believes in Auburn and loves it.

TAKES: 2ND ED., VOL 11.5


The College and Mag Show: Iron Bowl edition

It's time to discuss the biggest game of the year.


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