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Rankings and Random Auburn Baseball Thoughts

The Tigers are in a really good spot right now.

Baseball Ranked In All Polls, Top Ten in Two

The Tigers are ranked the highest they've been in some polls in almost 15 years.

Auburn 14th in College Football Playoff Rankings

Auburn appears to be almost a lock for New Orleans

Auburn Tigers Remain Ranked 9th

2016 College Football Playoff Rankings #2

Auburn Ranked 9th In Initial CFB Playoff Ranking

The Committee delivered a shock to Auburn fans with where they placed the Tigers in the first poll of 2016.

CFB Rankings: The Sterritt Score - Week 8

Some of the Top 4 is obvious, but an underdog rowed their way in...

CFB Rankings: The Sterritt Score, Week 7

Our rankings are better than everyone else's.

College Football Rankings - Sterritt Score Week 6

Ryan Sterritt has his own system of ranking teams. See how it shakes out!

CFB Rankings: The Sterritt Score - Week 5

Our Ryan Sterritt has his own college football rankings systems. See what they say after Week 5.

CFB Rankings: The Sterritt Score Is Ready!

The first rankings are ready, and they pretty good!

The Sterritt Score - Week 2

The Sterritt Score Examines Week 1

Our resident rankings expert weighs in with thoughts on Week 1 of the College Football Season.

We Have Our Own Rankings! The Sterritt Score

A reintroduction to the Sterritt Score for this year's college football season

Pre-Season AP Top 25: Auburn vs Ranked Teams

Three on the road in the last three road games

The Sterritt Score - Week 12 Rankings

The Sterritt Score - Week 11 Rankings

#TeamChaos Reigns

The Sterritt Score - Week 10 Rankings

How close are Ryan's rankings to the CFB Playoff?

The Sterritt Score - Week 9

My take on ranking all 128 teams, and some thoughts for free.

CFB Knockouts Says Week 9 Was Pretty Entertaining

There were multiple games that came down to the wire and had some wacky endings.

There's a new #1 in the Sterritt Score!

The rankings are really solidifying into something very interesting.

College Football Knockouts Weeks 7 & 8

We missed a week with some database issues, but it's time to get caught up!

The Sterritt Score Rankings!

This week's Sterritt Score is out, and I took a cue from the Auburn offense and made a change this week.

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The Sterritt Score - Post Week 6 Rankings

Ryan updates his weekly ranking system.

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Sterritt Score Week 5: We're Just Getting Started

We're in Iteration #2 of Ryan Sterritt's new method for ranking college football teams.

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CFB Rankings: The Sterritt Score

Combining WarRoom Eagle's Knockouts, with Margin of Victory and other data, Ryan Sterritt developed a new ranking system for College Football.

Week 5 College Football Polls

A little late, but here are the polls.

Week 4 Polls - Auburn Still Ranked in Coaches'

Somehow the Tigers are still in the rankings in the Coaches' Poll. I don't understand it, either.

Week 3 Polls: How Far Did Auburn Drop?

The new polls are out. See how far Auburn drops after their victory over Jacksonville State

College Football Rankings: Week 2

Auburn remains in the same spot in this week's round of polls.

AP Top 25 Based On Grammar Of The Fans

USA Today Sports' "For The Win" site used a feature to examine the grammar of various fan bases of teams in the AP Top 25 and then re-rank those teams. How did they choose to examine the grammar? Well, they used the SB Nation site comments.

2015 Preseason AP Poll Released: Auburn in Top 10

Another big preseason poll is out. They don't really mean anything anymore with the College Football Playoff, but it's something to talk about and be outraged over as we approach game week!

2015 Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll Released

We keep getting closer and closer, as the first of the pre-season polls is out.


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