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3* Punter Ian Shannon Signs with Auburn

Can Shannon do what this guy did? I hope so!
Can Shannon do what this guy did? I hope so!
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There was some discussion that Shannon may gray shirt, but that is not the case. He will be a part of Auburn's 2015 signing class.

A large part of that may be due to Auburn needing help with the punting situation. Daniel Carlson handled almost all of the kicking duties on his own last season, and Auburn would prefer he not have to do that. Having a separate punter and place kicker is the ideal, and Shannon provides another option at that position.

Want to see why he's a big pick-up for the Tigers? Watch his highlights and see the hang-time he gets on his punts. If he can learn to place those punts as Steven Clark did, Shannon could be deadly.

Shannon committed to Auburn over offers from Army, Appalachian State, and Georgia Tech. I know that's not exactly impressive, but not many schools use a scholarship on their kickers. I love the fact that Auburn does, because that's how you get reliable kickers.

Welcome to the Plains, Ian. Boom 'em deep.