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Long Snapper Bill Taylor Signs With Auburn

Auburn has had a history of great special teams. That doesn’t just mean kickers.

Bill Taylor

Auburn has had great kickers and punters. It’s very rare that they’ve had bad snaps on special teams. Reaching that level of excellence means finding the best. Auburn did that when they offered Bill Taylor - one of the best long snappers in the nation.

Just how good are Auburn’s long snappers? Well, one of them will be snapping in the Super Bowl this Sunday for the Falcons. It’s a specialty that doesn’t have all that much work, has a lot of protections (specific penalties have been put in place to protect them), and can get you some good money if you’re lucky enough to make it to the next level.


Auburn made it a point not to reach for signees in this class. The original plan was for Taylor to “blue shirt.” He was going to be put on scholarship eventually, though, so with scholarships on the table, the Tigers signed him to a full scholarship as part of the 2017 class.


While Taylor has signed with Auburn, he’s not an official part of the signing class. Instead, he’ll be on the team but not be on scholarship just yet. He will be put on scholarship in the future, though.

One of the best parts about Taylor signing with Auburn? He’s from Tuscaloosa. It’s always fun to snag a good special teams player straight from the backyard of the Tide.

War Eagle, Bill! Welcome aboard!