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Three Star Placekicker Anders Carlson Signs With Auburn

The Tigers add a legacy who is set to follow his brother.

Anders Carlson Twitter:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but there is a kid named Carlson who is a really good kicker, and he’s going to play for Auburn.

Today, Anders Carlson - brother of Auburn’s current kicker Daniel “Legatron” Carlson - signed with the good guys. Here’s what we had to say about him back in June when he committed.

Is he as good as his brother? He is. He may even be better. Thankfully, his brother is sticking around for his senior season, so Anders will be able to redshirt and have four years to play after his brother. 8 years Carlsons? Sure, I’ll take that!

The question will then become, what will his nickname be? #Legatron for his brother was awesome, but that one was used by a few other kickers beforehand. I’ve seen a few good suggestions, like LEGalvatron (sticking with the Transformers theme and using the name of Galvatron, who was the reincarnation/revamped version of Megatron created by Unicron and I’ll stop showing my 80s childhood, now) and also LEGolas (from The Lord of the Rings, which I used to have to explain to people, but Peter Jackson brought the story into the mainstream even if he did screw up some major pieces).

Either way, welcome to the Plains, Anders! We hope your family is understanding of you following your brother. War Eagle!