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Spring Practice 2015

All of the spring practice stories in one place!

Post Spring Practice Coordinators PC Tweet-Caps

Starting QB Jeremy Johnson, OC Rhett Lashlee, and DC Will Muschamp spoke with the media this afternoon regarding A-Day, Spring Practice, and more. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Featured Fanshot

Fun with Heights! Is Michael Irvin really 6'2, or is Jawon Pass taller than 6'5?

In "fun with measurements," either 4* QB (and big-time Auburn target) Jawon Pass' recruiting profile is off on the low side about his 6'5 height, or Michael Irvin's listed height of 6'2" is off a good bit on the low side. I'm going with option #2, personally. Still a good bit taller than my shrimpy 5'7.5, though. There's also a chance camera angles play into it or I'm not realizing just how big a difference 3 inches is [insert crude joke here]. If Irvin is shorter than 6'2, it's probably only by an inch. It sure didn't matter when he was putting up Hall of Fame numbers as one of the best receivers ever.

Featured Fanshot

Who made The Real Deal wear a name tag!?

Twitter user @MattyMok pointed this out. Excellent catch. Seriously, who makes the RealDeal wear a name tag!?!? Who doesn't know who this man is!? I'm honestly not sure who to credit on the original picture. The first place I spotted it was Twitter user @chasdunn.

A-Day Review: View From the Couch

Taking a bit closer look at A-Day and what some things mean and why some things don't mean anything at all.

A-Day Recap and Gus Malzahn PC Tweet-Cap

It was the day of Auburn's annual spring game. How did things go?

Auburn A-Day 2015 Game Open thread

A place to talk about A-Day!

A-Day: Things NOT To Watch For (And Some You Can)

Anyone can tell you what you should be looking at during A-Day. We're here to remind you of some things you shouldn't.

Spring Practice: Day 12 Recap & Gus PC Tweet-cap

A collection of information about Auburn's 12th day of spring practice and a recap of the post-practice press conference. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Spring Practice: Malzahn Post-Scrimmage PC Recap

Quotes from Gus Malzahn's post-scrimmage press conference.

Spring Practice #9: Recap & Lashlee PC Tweet-Cap

News and notes from Auburn's 9th practice of the spring. Full credit to the beat writers in attendance.

Spring 2015: Gus Malzahn Scrimmage PC Tweet-cap

Tweet-capping Gus Malzahn's press conference following the first Tiger scrimmage of the spring.

Spring Practice: Day 6 Recaps and Gus PC Tweet-Cap

Some recaps, links, videos, etc from today's return to the practice fields.

Spring Practice Day 5: Gus Malzahn PC Tweet-cap

All credit to the beat writers who were there. Not a whole lot to talk about, today.

Spring Practice: Day 4 Recap and Gus PC Tweet-cap

A collection of notes, tweets, and stories from Day 4 of Auburn's Spring Practice

Rhett Lashlee Press Conference Tweet-cap

Rhett Lashlee discusses Auburn's third practice of the spring.

Recapping Auburn's First Day of Spring Practice

It's truly a new day for the 2015 Auburn Tigers

Spring Practice: Tweet-capping Gus' Opening PC

Gus opens spring practice speaking with reporters about the offseason so far, departures, arrivals, hires, etc. All credit goes to the hard working beat writers who are there covering the team.

Auburn Football Spring Practice 2015: A Primer

A quick look at spring practice as it is set to begin tomorrow.


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