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Saturday Open Thread: Auburn Tailgating Foods?

Here's a place to discuss today's bowl games, college football news in general, and Auburn news that's not headline-worthy and results in me posting a separate thread about it!

Best Tailgate Names

Clint Richardson walked around the Tailgate Guys area behind Jordan-Hare and gives us pictures of what he thinks are the best tailgate names.

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Bye week is test week

Chris Davis, please come back. We miss you.

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Maple-roasted bacon

The phrase I see the most related to Auburn’s defense is "bend but don’t break." I propose adding "Consume bacon and bourbon as needed."

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Sloppy Joes

A great comfort-food dinner made its tailgate debut last weekend. A little spicy, but easy to prepare and ideal for a crowd.

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Bourbon-pickled jalapenos

One last batch of jalapenos from the garden, mixed with a little bourbon and honey, make for a nice segue into fall.

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Jalapeno poppers

Football has finally returned, and with it, the Plainsman's Kitchen. Turn up the heat in the kitchen with these tasty treats.

The Plainsman's Kitchen | A Poor Woman's Imitation

This week, peggyrossmanith, tries to fill in for the irreplaceable runyogasurf to deliver a poor woman's imitation of The Plainsman's Kitchen. If you've ever wondered how to make a cobbler, stay tuned!

The Plainsman's Kitchen | French Toast

More breakfast games, so more breakfast food.

The Plainsman's Kitchen | Signature Banana Bread

Need a one bowl recipe for a quick breakfast? Perfect for coffee and 11 a.m. kickoffs.

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Football Thoughts and Crack Pie

The Plainsman's Kitchen: Cheese Biscuits

Tips for the Tailgating Novice