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The Smoking Barn

Bobby Barkley's weekly predictions

This stream has:

The Best of Bobby Barkley

Our resident Bringer of the Barn gives some tips on what he sees as proper etiquette in the AU student section.

UPDATED: BARN CHEATIN'! Arena Tampered With?

Reports are pouring in that the same crew responsible for giving Auburn football players their special water cleats is behind tonight's incident

THE YEAR IN REVIEW: A Look Back at Auburn's 2015 Timeline

Take a trip through 2015 as we rank the top ten Twitter moments of the year for Auburn Athletics

POLL: Vote for the Biggest Auburn Twitter Moment of 2015

It's time to narrow down the crazy year that was 2015.

WANTED: Biggest Auburn Twitter Moments of 2015

Submit your biggest Auburn Twitter moments of the year using hashtag #MyAuburnMoment15 for a special New Year's Eve Top Ten.

Featured Fanshot

Biggest Auburn-Related Twitter Moments of 2015

The Smoking Barn - IRON BOWL

Ugh. Let's just beat Alabama so I can go home.

The Smoking Barn 2.11 - Idaho Vandals

Embrace the rise of the cat. Also, War Eagle. Beat Idaho.

The Smoking Barn 2.10 - Georgia Bulldogs

Ugh. It's #UGAHateWeek once again.

The Smoking Barn 2.9 - Texas A&M Aggies

The Smoking Barn finally deciphers those crazy hand motions the Texas A&M yell leaders keep throwing in our faces.

The Smoking Barn 2.8 - Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears

Get your candy buckets out, y'all!

The Smoking Barn 2.7 - Arkansas Razorbacks

Your bringer of the Barn doesn't have much to work with this week, but neither does Bert after two years and change of losing to the state of Alabama

The Smoking Barn 2.6 - Kentucky Wildcats

It's time to take the family to the ol' Country Store as Auburn heads to Lexington on a Thursday night.

The Smoking Barn 2.5 - Bye Week

It's another classic Smoking Barn Ballad to get you through a Saturday without Auburn football. Here's a box of tissues, too.

The Smoking Barn 2.4 - San Jose State Spartans

Mmm, it's October, which can only mean one thing: pumpkin spice...and, uh, football. Of course.

The Smoking Barn 2.3 - Mississippi State Bulldogs

The Smoking Barner got overwhelmed with one-week fantasy league ads this week. Let's not sweat it.

The Smoking Barn 2.2 - Louisiana State University

The last eight games in this series are still better than your crush's 140-second Snapchat story...way less duck face.

The Smoking Barn 2.1 - Jacksonville State

The Smoking Barn takes a stab at interpreting 90's grunge lyrics to give you an idea of what Saturday's match-up might look like against a cocky FCS coop of Gamecocks.

The Smoking Barn - Louisville Cardinals

The Prodigal Barner returns for TSB 2.0 (and he's a little rusty, so go easy on him).

Wisdom Hairs: An Afternoon with Bubba Bowling

The barber shares his love for Auburn one buzz of the clippers at a time

The Changing of the Guard at Toomer's Corner

On the eve before new oak trees will be planted at Toomer's Corner, it bears reflecting on how being an Auburn fan has changed since the old ones were removed

The Smoking Barn - Outback Bowl

The Resident Barner wields his craft one last time to wrap up the 2014 football season. Watch out, Badgers.

2014 Playoff Snub Survival Kit

Don't know how to survive if your team gets snubbed from this year's Playoff? We might have some experience with that...

The Smoking Barn - IRON BOWL

Bobby Barkley lets it all hang out in this final chapter of the inaugural Smoking Barn series. Brace for impact.

The Smoking Barn - Week 11: Samford Bulldogs

It's Senior Day. Samford ain't gonna mess that up.

The Smoking Barn - Week 10: Georgia Bulldogs

My hate for Georgia goes back to a backyard football game in which something bigger than the Prayer at Jordan-Hare revealed it for the first time.

The Smoking Barn - Week 9: Texas A&M

In a stadium that made plenty of back-up SEC quarterbacks famous, Kyle's only real claim to fame is off the field.

The Smoking Barn - Week 8: Ole Miss

It's Gus Malzahn's 49th Birthday Bash, and you're invited!

The Smoking Barn - Week 7: South Carolina

Auburn will be fine. Let's talk about how much Jesse Palmer wishes he was suiting up for the HBC.

The Smoking Barn - Week 6: Mississippi State

Bobby Barkley composes a Barn ballad of Number 3's just for Dan Mullen.

Quan Bray Mad-Lib - THE ANSWERS

If you filled out a Quan Bray mad-lib this week, here's the answer fan submissions!

The Smoking Barn - Week 5: LSU Tigers

Bobby Barkley has blown a Barnin' fuse, but it's Les Miles' fault.


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