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Clemson Looks To Welcome National Champions

Yeah, I know. The title leads you to believe that a social function is about to break out in South Carolina, and Auburn's football team was invited over for tea. I am pretty sure, that the Tigers of the ACC, are looking forward to opening a can** on our boys. Tea, will not be on the menu.

Their head coach Dabo Swinney has been asked until he is blue in the face about last year's hair raising game at Auburn.

"We've got a lot of guys on this team that have lined up and competed against the guys that won the national championship, so I think you always draw on your experience," Swinney said.

read the rest of the article HERE.

Last season these two teams played a very tough and physical game, and the Clemson Tiger defensive front push Auburn's vaunted offensive line around. That brought the ire of Gene Chizik and he challenged the offensive line, and questioned their manhood too, I would imagine, prompting a much improved performance the next week.

Keys to victory in this game are simple.

On offense Auburn must control the line of scrimmage, and be able to run the ball. Keep Clemson's defense on the field, and wear them down. It should be another close ball game. Auburn hasn't led in time of possession, or number of offensive plays run yet this season, now would be a great time to start.

Defensively, Auburn MUST STOP THE RUN! First and foremost, without hesitation, and without a ton of penalties. Next they MUST STOP CLEMSON ON THIRD DOWN! This is the most important element of the game for the defense.

Look for continued improvement in Auburn's defense. Pray for it even. Clemson believes they can win this game. They have the advantage at home, rubbing Howard's Rock and all.

This Clemson team will be fired up against the defending National Champion, and it would be best if Auburn could quiet the crowd early, and keep them quiet. Another benefit of that would be my heart wouldn't jump out of my chest. I'll keep the aspirin handy just in case.

**-if you need to ask what type of can, please see your doctor immediately.