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We’re Down to THREE Undefeated Teams

And Auburn is one of them.

NCAA Basketball: Lehigh at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, we wrote about how Auburn is the final undefeated Power Five team in the nation. Alongside San Diego State, Liberty, and Duquesne, the Tigers were one of just four perfect teams left in America. That’s now changed.

Bye bye, Duquesne.

Aside from sticking in the craw of the Universitah down the highway from Birmingham, UAB just did Auburn another favor by beating Duquesne to knock the number of perfect teams down a notch. Now, it’s just Auburn, San Diego State, and Liberty.

Thanks to the fantastic work of Reddit user u/jloose128, you can see a great visual telling you exactly how many perfect teams are left, and the map shows the closest perfect team to each country in America.

Auburn’s got quite a bit of land out there, but we want more. How do we get it? Well, for starters, Auburn will stay on that map likely through the New Year, barring a huge upset at the hands of Lipscomb next weekend. We’ll need some help, and that just may come in the form of our friends down in Baton Rouge. Liberty takes on LSU a week from today, when Auburn will be battling Lipscomb. Meanwhile, San Diego State might have an easier road, facing off against Cal Poly on Saturday before beginning the MWC schedule.

Auburn will open SEC play on the road at Mississippi State, who’s really starting to come on, but after that, the Tigers have several very winnable games until the road stretch at Alabama and at Florida in back to back contests.

No matter the competition, raise your hand if you ever thought you’d see Auburn as one of the final three undefeated teams in college basketball. Exactly. War Eagle.