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TWO-A-DAYS: Belated 77 Days to Kickoff! - Derick Hall

The first (but not last) 2019 prospect to show up on this list.

As we continue our march to kickoff, we take a look at the top 100 recruits to sign with Auburn of all-time*. The rankings are based on 247’s composite recruit rankings, which unfortunately only date back to 2000.


A class of 2019 recruit, Derick Hall was one of the top recruits out of the state of Mississippi, and he was on the top of Auburn’s wish-list for the Buck position. Hall had suitors in Florida, FSU, Ole Miss, and Arkansas, but his recruitment came down to Auburn and Mississippi State. Gus reportedly took a more hands-on approach to his commitment than usual, but it paid off, as Hall committed and signed during the early-signing period last December.

I’ll let our expert AUNerd enlighten everyone on Hall’s skill set, since I haven’t seen him play outside of a few snaps in A-Day.

Hall is what an edge prospect is supposed to look like. At 6’4” 216 lbs, Hall has the length, quick twitch and bend that defensive coordinators drool over in pass rushers. He’s a tremendous athlete that a number of teams (like Mississippi State) wanted as a traditional linebacker. For Auburn, he’s Buck all the way.

He will have to improve as a run defender to see meaningful snaps. I think you will see him get Richard Jibunor like reps in 2019 as he gets in the weight room and bulks up even further to play on the edge. He’s got the frame to play at 230-240 lbs without losing his explosiveness. The Tigers need more pass rushers in the program and Hall definitely fits the bill.

With Jibunor’s pending departure, Hall could be poised for more snaps than he anticipated in 2019. I’ll be excited to see how he contributes, as pass rush might have been the only weakness in the defense last year.