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Birmingham is nice in late December.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing left to say.

A bowl game is still likely, but a pleasant finish is off the board. 2015 is a season best forgotten. All of the positive thoughts can only be recaptured with Auburn shocking the world in Jordan's-Hare Stadium on November 28. And that isn't going to happen.

Playcalling. I don't know why Auburn abandoned the run. Maybe Georgia was doing something that convinced Auburn it could no longer run. I assume they did, and I assume men that know much more about football than I do tried to adjust to it and failed. They failed at it because they have one quarterback that can't throw the ball downfield (except when he does, but really, there's no way to know when he can) and another quarterback that can't really walk. So...

Why not Jonathan Wallace? You've announced to your top two quarterbacks that they aren't the guy, so there's no confidence left to kill. Why not roll Jonathan Wallace out there and try? It can't possibly be worse than continuing to play a visibly injured Sean White because preseason Heisman candidate Jeremy Johnson can't throw a forward pass.

Throw Out the Record Books! Alabama fans are doing that thing where they try to convince themselves that they are in real trouble. "Oh you know lucky ol' Auburn is gonna get lucky! Records don't matter for this one! They are gonna be FIRED UP!"

Well, sure. They will probably be motivated. But the most motivated version of this team (November 7) is going to allow ten sacks to Alabama. Maybe 12. And the records do matter. When has a team on the short end of a lop-sided seasonal disparity ever won this game?

"That lead don't matter! I remember 2010! Ain't got over that yet!"

Right. But Auburn was very, very good in 2010. This year? They're not.

So that's all I have to interject this week. It hasn't been very fun, but no one is on the hot seat right now, Auburn will likely go to a terrible bowl and there's always next year. I suppose the question is: if you had to have one 2015 for every 2013, would you make that exchange? There's no right answer - Mark Richt has done just fine with a career of Outback Bowls. And another win over his biggest rival has likely assured that he'll have another one. And that's just fine.

Hate a Vandal. Or something. I just hope there are wings and dips at your tailgate.

Auburn is a basketball school now, and I'm fine with that.