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Countdown to Kickoff: 68 Days

It’s time to shine some light on the 3rd member of that dynamic 1985 backfield.

You would think a post highlighting a game from the 1985 season would be about Mr. Bo Jackson wouldn’t you? I mean he did rush for 1,786 yards that year and 17 touchdowns on his way to winning the Heisman trophy. When you realize we are talking about Auburn’s 59-27 spanking of the Florida State Seminoles, then obviously this is about Bo. I mean he rushed for 176 yards on 30 carries and 3 touchdowns that game.

Well you would be wrong. Not that I don’t love a good Bo Jackson run, I mean watch him go here on a 53 yard touchdown run early in this game.

But today I wanna shine a little light on a guy that’s sometimes overlooked from that stellar 1985 backfield, Tommie Agee. As the fullback in the wishbone, Agee didn’t have a glamorous job but he was durn good at it. Often he was asked to block for the explosive duo of Jackson and Brent Fullwood with the occasional dive up the middle. 1985 was actually his worst year statistically but that had more to do with the other options in the backfield than his skillset. But he was always a threat to bust a long run out of nowhere like he did here early in the 4th quarter against the Noles.

This was a pretty wild game. For the first 3 quarters the two teams exchanged punches until things went completely off the rails for the Noles in the 4th quarter. The Tigers entered the final period with a 31-27 lead and finished the game with a 59-27 victory. Two pick 6s helped turn a battle into a blowout and Auburn sent the formerly #4 ranked Florida State Seminoles home with a proper beating.

Highly recommend spending your evening reliving this whooping

68 days till kickoff! War Eagle!