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FanPulse Results: Week 9

A little less confidence in the Tigers after last week.

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was bound to happen eventually. Just as we had reached a perfect 100% confidence, the Tigers got blown out in back to back road games, dropping Auburn’s record to 15-2 overall. Honestly, the team had overperformed for most of the year, not because they’re secretly a bad team, but because almost nobody ever goes undefeated that long. In fact, even with the two losses, the team is still top 10 in KenPom luck, meaning we may be due for more regression yet. This poll was taken before Auburn’s big win over South Carolina, though, so confidence should be back up assuming we take care of business against Iowa State at home.

Regardless, it’s nice to see the graph sitting fairly consistently at 90% or greater. Especially after football season.

This week, the national question asked who you thought was the best conference in basketball. As you can see, the SEC didn’t even make the top 5, with just two ranked teams and nobody in the top 10.

Meanwhile, the Big 10 ran away with the vote, more than doubling the votes for the ACC. The Big 10 has 12 teams inside the KenPom top 40, and even KenPom #12 Ohio State has limped to a 2-5 start in conference play. While Michigan State may be the primary conference title favorite, having a dozen teams that could reasonably make a run in March is ridiculous.