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Auburn A-Day: Quick reactions

Some quick reactions from Auburn's A-Day game.


Auburn's A-Day game ended with Orange defeating Blue, 35-14, with 83,401 Tiger fans in attendance, which set the record for attendance at an Auburn football spring game.

This A-day game was kind of tricky to watch, especially with the constant rotation and substitution by players for both of the Orange and Blue sides. There were some good things that took place and some not so good things, but we're just going to touch on a few of them.

The first half started out as much as I expected with some quick series by both Kiehl Frazier and Jonathan Wallace, but the snap to Wallace with him not paying attention, which was scooped up by Justin Garrett for a touchdown -- yeesh. Quarterback play by both of these guys is still pretty inconsistent, comprising mostly of poorly thrown passes. However, by the end, Wallace had the better day, going for 11-of-15 for 115 yards with a TD pass and an interception, as well.

Cameron Artis-Payne made himself known Saturday and looked like some of the big runners from Tigers past. The JUCO transfer went for 98 yards on 13 carries and had two catches for 50 yards in the first half alone.

Head coach Gus Malzahn tried to run the Wildcat twice, once with Quan Bray and the other with Ricardo Louis, and yeah, let's not worry about running that play too much.

The defense for the most part looked ... OK? While the defensive line didn't get too much push up front, the defensive backs and linebackers did look better. The tackling was certainly better, and there didn't appear to be too many of our guys out of place or clueless as to lining up.

The one deplorable moment of the A-Day game came in the second half, when Jonathon Mincy just lit up Dimitri Reese, getting himself ejected from the spring game. I will repeat that, Jonathon Mincy was EJECTED from the spring game for making helmet to helmet contact with Reese. Now, whether or not you agree with that call, it shouldn't matter. This is a DAMN SPRING GAME, and something like this should not happen.

Well, that is it for now. If you have any comments or observations you'd like to share about Saturday's A-Day game, by all means, please do so.

War Eagle.