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BOOM! Roasted! - Boyz II Men Edition

Some weekends, it just works out. Sometimes when you are watching games, you just have a sound track playing in your head and the game plays to the mean of those songs. Week 10 of the College Football this season hit it right on the nose for me. I have included the song choices with the games and, even though there are only two selections this week, there is plenty of content that made me giggle. So with that, lets go to our first hit, on this week’s Roasted!


‘Member when Scott Frost was the hottest coach in the country? ‘Member when he was gonna turn things around at Nebraska and the fans were so happy a favorite son returned when Momma called? Seems so long ago! And yet, it was just 2 years ago! Well, the Huskers took their 4-4 record to West Lafayette to take on the 2-6 Purdon’t Boilermakers. And boy did they have probably the game of the weekend, and it ALMOST included a monster fat guy TD

But the game was a back and forth affair that ended like this

Nebraska would get the ball back but refused to call the timeout to talk about a play and this would happen

Ouch…now that is a crushing defeat to a ruuuuul bad Purdon’t team. Sure, Nebraska isn’t going to can their Rockstar coach after 2 years, but you know that the grumbles are getting louder after that Penn State game earlier this season and now this abomination of a loss. I wonder how much Scott wishes he had stayed in Orlando…though I don’t know which is warmer, Disney or Scott’s coaching seat.


I mean, was there any song that could finish this off?

So to catch all you Willie Watchers up from last week, the Noles circled the wagons after the huge home win against Syracuse to host the Miami Hurricanes at the Doak this weekend. And Gameday did all it could to get you fired up about this one!

Man…when they put the tear jerker story guy to do your hype video on Gameday, man…that rough. As for the game it didn’t take long for that mighty Nole D to show off that swagger after that piece from Rinaldi.

Well, I’m sure the offense had their game face ready then…

Oh…that’s…no good…

I think it was at this point, Home Boy realized that this just wasn’t their year.

The game did have the normal chippiness that we are use to from this rivalry though, which was nice.

However, in the end Miami would hold on by the skin of their teeth with a 27-10 road victory…

Meaning that the Canes have won three in a row over FSU…meaning…

So if the story stopped there, that would be a pretty solid Willie Watch update…however…

Yeah…so that freaking happened. And yeah

I mean, there’s not much more I can say that what that guy just said. And, for an athletic department that doesn’t like to spend money, they suuuuuuuuuuuure did it yesterday. Don’t forget that at the completion of this train wreck, there is a possible bowl game (they need two wins out of Boston College, Alabama State and/or Florida) to go to AND THEN! You have to pay off the previous staff BEFORE you go out and hire a new head guy (whoever that poor bastard is) and his entire staff!

OOOOFA! Though after reading all that, I do know what one man is thinking.

And with this, my Willie Watch has ended.