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Your November Football Fashion Guide

Helping you Make Smart Choices This Amen Corner

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Eskimo or Inuit man and woman, North America Photo by Icas94 / De Agostini Picture Library via Getty Images

It has come to our attention that the Auburn football fanbase, particular those enrolled in our beloved Alma Mater, might have made poor choices with regards to dealing with autumn weather at the last home football game. You’ll remember, Auburn defeated a conference opponent and led the entire game. You’ll also remember there being some controversy about the empty sections of the stadium shown on television. Most of these were filled with students at kickoff who, allegedly, all misjudged the temperature and left to warm themselves.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and judge someone as a “bad fan,” simply because they were looking cute at kickoff and got cold and needed to go find a sweater. Instead, I am going to use my platform as a “journalist” and my experience in cold climates to make a difference. So, without further ado, here is SonOfCrow’s November Football Fashion Guide.

the author atop Mt. Kilimanjaro. Feb. 2014

As you can see in the photo above, it is possible to brave cold weather and still represent your Auburn Tigers. Whether on Mt. Kilimanjaro or in the student section, layering is the key to surviving rapidly descending temperatures and staying warm, dry, and comfortable.


Cotton is to be avoided. I know, there is a literal cotton field on campus and this is going to rile up some Ag majors. Cotton is an amazing fabric for many reasons and does exceptionally well on 75 degree days. It is a terrible fabric for almost every other circumstance, especially when worn right up next to the skin. What you are going to want is Merino Wool. This magical fabric is incredible at regulating your body temperature and keeping you dry. Moisture is the enemy and we take our enemies seriously. Is merino cheap? Absolutely not. But, you get a crazy discount on tickets by virtue of being a student, so you can afford it.

Merino Wool Baselayer by Rapha. $80.

I recommend a short sleeve merino baselayer. The one pictured retails for eighty bucks which 1) is incredibly expensive and 2) is incredibly comfortable. The thing about Rapha is they make the best stuff. You’ll also need merino wool or polyester underpants, both men and women can find them online very easily.


A long sleeve t-shirt or polo is fine here. Especially if you can avoid 100% cotton garments and go with some sort of blend. What we are looking to avoid is you wearing a short sleeve shirt to a game in November. That would be really dumb. Most of the players will be in sleeves of some sort, which should be your clue that your sedentary butt needs to be in as many layers as possible.

On the bottom, leggings. Again, if you have the cash to spring for merino wool leggings by all means make that happen. Luckily for us, we are sponsored by UnderArmour who, when they aren’t being investigated by the other SEC, make great leggings.

These are women’s and are $52. Leggings for men are also available, and really help you look slim under those gameday khakis. You’re welcome buddy.

Soft Shell

Now this is where you can get creative. On the bottom I recommend pants for everyone. Just pants. Really jeans or khakis or any sort of pants you can find. We likely aren’t playing any snow games, however these are great if you want a water resistant layer on bottom.

Up top, there are a billion options for Auburn soft shell or midweight layers. Some of them good, some of them terrible. The key here is another warm layer to go under a coat. You don’t need to over-do it, and you don’t really need a hood.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Like Gus, I’m a big fan of a vest as this layer. I already have a baselayer and a long sleeve midlayer, so the vest will adequately keep my core warm enough and allow me to not get sweaty armpits as I swag surf with my fellow kids. That vest is here for 109 American dollars and I’m not making that up.


Here is where a lot of you messed up this past weekend. You need to wear a jacket. If you look at the calendar and it says “November,” chances are you are going to need a coat when you go stand outside for hours on a Saturday. You need a coat that can insulate and also look great. You’re not Ernest Shackleton, so you don’t need to worry about permafrost and Antarctic winds. You live in Alabama and are already in three layers. A decent down jacket will suffice. I wear this one almost every day in the winter, and even had it on in the photo of me up top underneath my raincoat. The Patagonia Down Sweater is a piece of kit I will do free advertising for every day if I have to.

Now, Throw on your favorite Auburn hat. You lose a lot of your heat from the top of your head, so a warm hat might be needed. You also lose a lot of arguments when you try to claim that you didn’t know it might get cold in November at night. Or when you act like SEC wins are so easy to come by that you need to “vote with your feet” and leave one. It makes you look silly and makes Auburn look bad to recruits and nationally when the students can’t stay in an on-campus stadium for four quarters of a home conference game. Maybe you don’t care about football, and that’s fine, but don’t care about football when they take those seats from you and sell them to people who will attend the games. And wear a dang jacket.