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Boom! Auburn Flips 3-Star Buck Romello Height From Miami

A strange recruitment that ends happily for the Tigers

Oh recruiting... It can be such a strange world. The Tigers often find themselves in the middle of the drama but usually it doesn’t end well for them. Today, however, is a different story.

3* Buck Romello Height has been committed to Miami since the first of July. His social media presence has been heavy Canes. He went as far as to tweet out that his recruitment was 100% shut down last week.


Auburn always lurked. It’s believed he’s seen a couple of games without it being reported. He’s disputed the reports but it was believed he was on campus for an official visit this past weekend. Turns out all of it was true and was leading to this moment. Flipping from Miami to Auburn giving the Tigers their pass rusher of the class.


Scouting Report

Finding tape on Height isn’t super easy. For awhile, most of his film was listed as private on Hudl so I don’t have the firmest grasp of his skillset just yet. What I will say though is he’s build just like you would want a Buck coming out of high school. Incredibly long at 6’5”, he’s got the frame to put on 20-30 lbs of muscle without losing a step. He was incredibly productive in high school and being an early enrollee means he’s got a chance to work himself into the rotation.

The Class

Hard to complain about this day so far. Yes, Auburn just missed on 3* DT Dallas Walker but there are still some solid interior options out there including 4* McKinnley Jackson. The Tigers were lacking a true Buck in this class and someone that can develop into an elite pass rusher. They have that now in Height. All that’s left is locking down a talented defensive back in 4* Eric Reed Jr. Do that and it’s an almost perfect day on the trail for the Tigers.

War Eagle Romello!