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FANPULSE: We’re Almost There

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It’s back to the wins column with Auburn. After dropping two incredibly frustrating games against Mizzou and UGA, the Okoro-less Tigers looked doomed to a three game losing streak when Tennessee was shutting them down Saturday morning.

Nothing a Bruce Pearl tirade couldn’t fix, though. After clearing the locker room of everyone but the players and laying into his team, Auburn came back with a vengeance and smothered the Tennessee offense with 18 steals and a huge second half by Samir Doughty.

With a 7 point win over the Vols in hand, Auburn went to Oxford for one of the least stressful conference games of the season. Notice I didn’t say that it wasn’t stressful, just the least of the bunch.

As things stand now, Auburn is 24-4 and 11-4 in conference play, with a double bye in the SEC Tournament all but locked up. While unlikely, there’s still a chance Auburn does the unthinkable and nabs the SEC regular season title for the second time in three years. At 24 wins, this team is already tied for 4th most wins in school history, and is within striking distance of last year’s record setting 30 wins.

With three games to go before the postseason, I’d encourage each and every one of you to take stock of this season.

Take it in. Savor it.

No matter what this team does in Nashville and in the national tournament, this is one of the best Auburn teams of all time. The winning-est senior class in Auburn history is leading the way. A freshman phenom is paving his way to the NBA while being the best player on the court. A bench full of freshmen who have bright futures ahead of them are finding themselves at just the right time. And, of course, Bruce Pearl is orchestrating it all.

If Auburn’s going to make a run in the NCAA Tournament, it will likely have to take on at least one of these teams as early as the Sweet 16 (a 4 seed for Auburn looks most likely). I think the voters did a pretty good job of picking the top seeds, but there’s always the chance a blue blood like Duke or Kentucky nab a 1 seed on their name alone.