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Federal Judge Recommends Dismissal of Sunny Golloway Lawsuit Against Auburn and Athletic Department Personnel

A big blow to Golloway's attempt to get at least a dime.

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

You may remember that following his firing by Auburn in the fall of 2015, former Baseball head coach Sunny Golloway announced that he would be suing Auburn University for his termination for cause. Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs famously told Golloway in response to whether he would be receiving a buyout that "I'm not giving you a dime, brother."

Now, it appears, that will prove true. A federal judge recommended today that Golloway's suit be dismissed. His case isn't quite dead, yet, as they filed an objection, but it is on life support.

If you've forgotten what all has happened over the course of the last year and a half of this case, let's go back and look at some of the details from previous posts!A big blow to Golloway's attempt to get at least a dime.

First, there was his crazy and rambling press conference with his lawyer in response to his firing. This lasted for at least an hour and it is where he first discussed his many claims such as the most outlandish that his contract with Auburn was essentially a lifetime contract. He also referred to Auburn Basketball coach Bruce Pearl as "disgraced" in his statement. He also took a shot at his replacement, Butch Thompson.

Fast forward almost half a year and Golloway finally filed his suit in May. He laid out his complaints against Jay Jacobs, Rich McGlynn, David Benedict (now UConn's AD) and others in their official capacity and as individuals. He went total scorched earth in a way that virtually guaranteed no major school is going to hire him again.

Hopefully, this goes away soon. It's not exactly a distraction for this year's squad, but it is an annoyance that slightly mars an otherwise fantastic time for Auburn Baseball. Butch Thompson's second team is currently 23-8 (7-2) and projected to host a Regional according to Baseball America.