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Hindsight is 20/20-The Idaho game

Auburn's offense looks great...vs Idaho

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn's offense was crisp, grinding, and effective against Idaho.  Auburn's running backs looked amazing.  Jeremy Johnson was effective, and Auburn became bowl eligible in a laugher that was all but over in the 3rd quarter.

Let's keep in mind our opponent.  Paul Petrino is no Bobby Petrino.  I mean there is really no comparison.  Have you ever seen the guy riding a Harley with a girl half his age?

Still, we should be encouraged by the way Auburn lined up and took care of business against a lesser opponent.  I wonder if Idaho was the game 2 opponent would the season have turned out a different way.  Think of the possibilities.

Auburn likely would still have lost to LSU, but I bet you good money a confident AU takes down State, Ole Miss, and Arkansas.  Maybe even Georgia.  Who knows?

Defensively, there is till work to be done.  Auburn gave up 17 points with their #1's.  I guess I can live with that.  They didn't exactly come out and set the record straight on the first drive, but I can't complain really.  17 more points by the #2's and 3's show that depth is truly an issue and Auburn needs a couple good recruiting classes to solidify things.

Rudy Ford's pick six was a thing of beauty, and I love watching that guy with the ball.  It's too bad we had so many home run threats on offense that he got switched to defense (sarcasm meter off the charts).

Now as we are smack in the middle of Iron Bowl week, I have a very hard time getting excited about the Crimson Sith coming to town.  Auburn opens as a 13 point underdog at home vs Bama.  Honestly, it sounds about right to me.

I said after the Georgia game I believe Auburn will hang around for a while in this game just long enough for Gus to do something that will make me break into the Woodford Reserve somewhere long abouts the third quarter.

I actually have no idea whom we should start at quarterback given if Sean White is healthy.  If he's not, then it's Johnson's team for the Iron Bowl.  And I just don't believe he can get it done against multiple coverages that Bama will roll out there.  And he has not seen the sort of pressure he'll see from Bama's front four.

Enough about that.  Let's savor win #6 because for a time there I didn't see Auburn making a bowl game.  This year has been a throw-away.  It's been the most terribly perplexing college football season I have ever witnessed as far as Auburn is concerned.

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all.  Enjoy your turkey.  To all my Bama Friends, be careful fighting in Wal-mart early Black Friday morning!