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Has Auburn's run heavy offense affected Wide Receiver Recruiting?

The 2016 recruiting cycle is over. Let's look back at a question from last spring.

WR Kyle Davis, an early entree.
WR Kyle Davis, an early entree.
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Last May, shortly after Nate Craig-Myers de-committed from Auburn, we examined how much Gus Malzahn's offense being run-heavy had affected or would affect recruiting at the wide receiver position. My whole reason for doing that is because SB Nation recruiting guru Bud Elliot speculated it was an underlying reason to Craig-Myers de-committing. He thought at the time that Craig-Myers was ultimately FSU bound.

So, let's look back at this question. Did Auburn's run-heavy offense - indeed, it's struggling with passing in general - affect wide-receiver recruiting?

Nope. Everything Gucci.

War Eagle, y'all.