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Auburn Football Stripe The Stadium vs Ole Miss

Auburn is joining the craze of "striping" their stadium, this weekend.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn announced that this event would take place back over the summer. They first released the map/image of the plan a few weeks back. I just decided to delay until the week of the game to talk about so that it wouldn't slip from anyone's mind.

So, here it is. The plan for "striping" the stadium against Ole Miss!

Eh. I'm not all that impressed. I do like that we just acknowledged there was no way it was going to work with alternating colors in the student section, and since the fraternities all wear their blue blazers, anyway, let's just make the whole student section blue! It throws off the "striping," but that portion was going to be a lost cause, anyway.

Auburn is selling official shirts for this event, but if you're like me, you're just going to wear a shirt you already own in your particular color. For me, that's the orange section. I'm debating on going with the orange Gus Vest and my blue knickers, since it's Halloween. Hey, it worked last year against South Carolina!

One thing I wish they would do is put out shakers in the OPPOSITE color of what they're telling fans to wear. I remember the 2013 Iron Bowl was a Wear Navy game, and they distributed orange shakers. That really popped in the stands and on TV. Although perhaps to ensure they actually DO get the striping effect, they should put out shakers in the desired color in those sections. I'm guessing they won't be putting shakers at all, though.

So what are your thoughts on this? Neat idea? Dumb trend that should be abandoned? Should have attempted Northwestern Stripes instead? Sound off in the comments below!